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Fundraising Time! We Joined the World's Biggest Coffee Morning!

Fundraising Time! We Joined the World's Biggest Coffee Morning!

“Morning! Would you like a coffee and a cake as you shop?”

These were the words on our entire team’s lips last Friday at The Magic Fairies Boutique. Why? We’d decided to take part in the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning to raise money for Macmillan!

And we certainly weren’t the only ones. Across the country, businesses and venues gathered in support of this amazing charity, raising money for those who suffer with cancer and their families around them. And whilst coming along for ‘a coffee and a cake’ during your Friday morning clothes browse might not sound like a big fundraising strategy, being part of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning certainly packs a punch. The Macmillan Coffee Morning has been running ever since 1990, and has managed to raise over £200 million since that first event. After 28 years they know a thing or two about what makes a great event, so we knew we had to get involved.

So why Macmillan? Macmillan do a stellar job of supporting those with cancer and their families and friends - from diagnosis right through to treatment and beyond. Their team of nurses and researchers work tirelessly year after year to help patients with the costs, appointments and strain of dealing with the disease.

Here at The Magic Fairies, we decided it was time for us to do our bit. Of course, we believe in doing things in style. It wasn’t long before we were surrounded by cake stands, coffee cups and enough cupcakes to put the local bakery out of business!

How did it go?

We’re pleased to announce that on Friday we raised £230 for the Macmillan cause.

We had an entire day of coffees, teas, cakes, snacks, and plenty of laughs to boot, and we can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Nearly every person will face cancer in one way or another in their lives. We have to say a massive thank you to everybody who came along and donated - every single penny counts, and we’re so grateful to have such supportive customers for events like today. Your money will make a huge difference to the lives of those touched by cancer, and we’re forever indebted to you all.

Last year Macmillan raised £27 million. We can’t wait to hear the final total for 2018 and know that we have all made a difference.

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